User Adoption Team Handbook

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You will collaborate and connect with communities that love technology and open source as much as we do. You will interact with developers across the globe at conferences as well as online, and co-creates with the open source community on the most impactful projects in the ecosystem. Your focus is on generating awareness about OpenEBS and Litmus, and MayaData's other current or future Open Source projects by rolling up our sleeves, contributing to the ecosystem, and enabling others to become evangelists outside the company. Not afraid to be hands-on, you might write sample code, author client libraries, and work with strategic MayaData partners such as the heroes, users, and customers to spark and engage our developer and ops communities.

Internal Interfaces

  • Marketing: external content publishing
  • Sales: booking meetings
  • Support: rapid triage and Engingeering engagement
  • Product Management: long term resolution and Engineering engagement


  • Increased awareness as measured by marketing team
  • Increased community involvement as measured by marketing team
  • Increased registrations to the mayadata user portal as measured by engineering
  • Reduced time to conversation on OpenEBS Lists as measured by support
  • Bookings as measured by sales


  • Reach out to users
  • Write blog posts and other articles about OpenEBS, Litmus, and specific use-cases for them.
  • Respond to inquiries on social channels
  • Lead coversations about how to run stateful applications on k8s
  • Contribute to OpenSource projects that are relevant to the space
  • Channel information back to product and engineering
  • Broker conversations with Support and Engineering teams
  • Reach developers with unique and engaging educational content
  • Meet with users, prospects, and customers
  • Conduct interviews with media
  • Have fun.