Product Development

  • The development will be focused on User Needs. The tasks will be defined in terms of usable features and not technology specifics.
  • The design and implementation details will be properly documented in the GitHub. The open-source components design will be published for external reviews.
  • Reviews are viewed as an integral part of the development process to foster Knowledge Sharing, Informed Decision Making and Improving Quality. The review process is governed by documented guidelines.
  • The feature developer/owner is responsible for taking the feature into production - which includes making sure the CI/CD includes his/her feature testing and delivery.
  • The developer will be responsible for interacting with the end-users using his/her features, helping them and gathering feedback and feeding it back into the system

Coding guidelines

  • All developers should strive towards managing the highest standards of coding because at MayaData, we believe - Code is marketing
  • Both for open source repositories and closed source repositories should follow commenting on the code while developing for better readability.
  • Every PR is provided with detailed comments about why a change is made

Code reviews

TBD : Can we include (somehow someway) these tips?