Product Management

  • Product management is a team sport. The new culture will encourage every employee to listen to the users and situations and contribute to the product betterment (in terms of requirement).
  • User engagement is the key to defining the features being built. Even before the development starts on the features, we will have facts from the users on how they are going to use the feature.
  • The product will be instrumented (like in OpenEBS Director) or the user feedback is sought to determine which features are getting used and what are the key features that can generate revenue.
  • The bare minimum (near MVP) features that are possible to be implemented at the earliest given the overall company skills will be implemented.CI/CD must be part of the MVP.
  • We will be open to an iterative approach of defining the top priority items based on the user feedback
  • Milestones are tracked using automated tools like GitHub. The status of the milestone is derived from the data collected rather than people‚Äôs hunch