Lead Engineer / Team Lead

Ready for an opportunity to make a substantial impact with a disruptive tech company while building your Developer Advocate career in the rapidly growing Kubernetes ecosystem? Then come and PLOW with MayaData, the leading Container Attached Storage (CAS) solution for Kubernetes called OpenEBS.

At MayaData we believe that the best way to deliver storage and related services to containerized and cloud-native environments is with containerized and cloud-native architectures. Everything we do is focused on providing data agility and simplifying the daily operation of Kubernetes SRE's and DevOps teams using Kubernetes as a data layer. We enable our users to handle complex data management operations efficiently, and we have become open source leaders in building Kubernetes into a first-class data platform.

Location: Remote (US / Europe / India Time zones)

In the nutshell

Lead Engineer aka Team Lead is a core leadership role in the MayaData. You are responsible for a particular team of about 8 people, working on delivering component of the MayaData portfolio.

Team Lead is still considered a technical position. You are expected to be coding and contributing at more then 50% of your time. We don't believe in dedicated people managers on the team level as we are a strong engineering organization.


Team Leadership

  • Make sure, that people in the team are feeling comfortable and secure. They understand overall MayaData vision and strategy. They understand why they are working on particular features.
  • Understand the gaps by involving with multiple teams in company.
  • Suggest improvements and changes to the overall organization of the Engineering and your team.
  • Identify metrics for various components like code quality, team productivity, motivations, culture, sessions feedback etc.
  • Define goals/OKRs with and for your team.
  • Help you team to learn and grow, identifying external/internal training requirements.
  • Exhibit and inspire team to follow process/culture.
  • Track our marketing and sales activities. Encourage participation and participate at conferences, write blog articles, tweet etc.

Project Management

  • Keeping an eye on your team's JIRA and keeping it healthy.
  • Project level tracking for execution completion within time.
  • Lead/participate in internal project review meeting.
  • Helping in risk mitigation for project execution.
  • Plan team size in advance.
  • Project level check for required E2E coverage.
  • Make sure that we follow team's definition of done.

Product Owner

  • Agrees with Product Manager on the overall priorities, and define together the intended content for upcoming releases.
  • Works closely with the Product Manager and organizes grooming sessions anytime there is a need for discussion over items in backlog. Grooming sessions takes place regularly with intervals between 2 and 4 weeks.
  • Convert Stories to backlog Epics and Tasks. Participate at grooming sessions with Product Management.
  • Be a close partner to Product Management organization to identify new initiatives, improve existing features and mitigate issues our customers may be facing.
  • Prioritize work for team according to agreed priorities with Product Management and the overall company goals and vision.
  • Understand market trends on technologies, products. Research competitive solutions.
  • Keep our persona needs on your mind. Proactively suggest changes to features or add new ones to backlog for discussion with Project Management.
  • Always make sure, that you know why we are building something, so you can explain to your colleagues.

Technical Management

  • Learn new technologies and train the team. Allow other colleagues in your team to spend time on learning and playing with new technologies.
  • Listen to new learnings from company and guide them on choosing one that match our requirements.
  • Motivate team in writing skills like blogs, white papers etc.
  • Always question the status quo -- cannot we automate some step in the process, cannot we use different approach to some tasks (e.g. how we do CI/CD, how we do generate documentation etc.).
  • Promote and keep eye on the proper code-review techniques.

Customer/User Engagement

  • Make sure required trainings happened with support team.
  • Make sure dev/E2E teams have enough time in their tasks by empowering support team in solving user/customer issues.
  • Avoid any escalations from customers with timely and apt response.
  • Being active and leading few interested feature areas in other related open-source projects.